Awards & accreditation

We would like to advise all students of the UCAS awards scheme. This is for students who have attained a certain level of examination success in the Royal Academy of Dance structure. Below you will see the points awarded on the 2017 Regulation Qualification Framework (RQF).  

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Tariff points are awarded to the highest level of achievement. This means you cannot double count awards in the same subject.
We do not endorse the use of tariff points for any other purpose other than admission to higher education.
What do the awarded points mean?
The UCAS tariff is a means of allocating points, to compare post 16 qualifications used for entry to higher education. It was developed to help learners make sensible application choices and to provide infomation to universities and colleges about a wide range of qualifications.
A few things to note...
Not all qualifications attract UCAS tariff points for various reasons. The university or college you're interested in may accept your qualifications as an appropriate entry route even if they don't attract UCAS tariff points. Not all Universities and colleges use the UCAS system. Around half of all course entry requirements make reference to the tariff. Use of the tariff varies,
1) some will list their entry requirements and make offers using only tariff points,
2) some will ask for specific qualifications and a set amount of tariff points
3) and some will request tariff points only from specific qualifications.

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