Technical Rehearsal

There is a technical rehearsal for the pantomime which your daughter needs to attend . I know some girls can not make it . I do urge girls who have never danced on the Kingswood stage before or the younger children not to miss this vital rehearsal , as it can be disorienting to have to perform without having had a practice.
This will be at the theatre on Sunday 17th December.

Kingswood School Theatre ,
Fonthill Rd,

You will have to park on Fonthill Rd which is one way and then walk down the slope to the theatre, parking is not permitted at any time in the quadrangle. This applies to the rehearsal and the week of the pantomime. 
Please go to the foyer and wait to be called for the rehearsal , arrive 10 mins before the start time so the afternoon can run smoothly and to time. There is no need to wear class uniform , something comfortable and the appropriate dance shoes will be fine saving unnecessary time changing and possible lost property.
The changing area for the week is up the steps on the outside to the right of the foyer then into the sports changing area which is where you will need to drop off and pick up from. One of us will be happy to show parents who have not been before.
The Panto is great fun and good stage experience for young dancers, we hope your child is enjoying learning her dance and being involved.

Please see below for your times:- 
2.00pm  Woodland Ballet
2.30pm  Ballroom Scene
3.00pm  Transformation Scene
3.30pm   Finale Jazz.
4.00pm   Finish. 

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