School Show '19

Parent information

We will be starting work towards the show after the Christmas holiday as well as keeping up normal grade work. Parents of children who are not involved in the show are often concerned about their children not progressing during this particular term. We always incorporate steps from their class work into the choreography, so we will be  perfecting and working on the technique but just in a different setting. Performance and spacial awareness, as well as being able to communicate with an audience, is a vital part of a dancer's training and so, putting on a show is a great opportunity to take a break from the syllabus, learn new skills and is great fun. We do hope as many of you will allow your children to take part as possible. Please remember we only do a school show every two years and are lucky to have use of an excellent venue. For the teachers and myself , it is a huge project and a lot of hard work is involved.
Nearer the time we will send rehearsal schedules these normally are as follows :- 
Sunday rehearsals on  17th & 24th March. Venue in Bath TBC.
Please keep these dates free if possible. The week of the show there will be rehearsals at the theatre Monday 25th to Friday 29th. Please be assured that your child will only be needed for a short time, maximum of an hour depending on what grade they are in and how many performances they are doing . I do not believe in making children and parents hang around unnecessarily . Only seniors and soloists will need longer/ later rehearsals but they should be used to the system by now. 
Pre Primary BALLET - I often have concerned parents about evening shows and bed time. Their rehearsals will only be half an hour on both Sundays and one rehearsal at the theatre at the earliest time which will probably be 4.00pm. The following is not set as I will have to wait till I have numbers before I can allocate parts. 
Pre primary children will dance in one performance only 
Primary to grade 2 will dance possibly all 3,
Grade 3 and above :- all performances 
I think that is enough information for you to digest. More information will be sent out when necessary .
What to do next?
Step 1
Please be kind enough to still fill out the form even if your answer is no. We cannot organise the casts for each performance or start choreography until we know who is involved. 
Step 2
Costume Hire:-
There is a costume hire charge which is per genre .
We will send out a letter and payment envelope with details.
Please DO NOT pay into the fees account (this is to help manage and separate payments for the show). Cash payment will be required in the envelope provided and given to your teacher. 
Many thanks

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