As with all schools we have a few basic priciples/guidelines that we all follow. Students, Parents and teachers alike. They are listed below:


All pupils must enrol before commencing their first term.


All parents who fill out the enrollment are giving permission to receive e.mails updating progress and news in the school / Academy through mailchimp.


Children should arrive with ample time to get changed before the class starts.


All pupils should wear the correct uniform and hair should be neatly tied back.


Fees should be paid promptly on the first week of term.


Fees are non-refundable. A surcharge of £5.00 will be added for late payment after the second week.


Please contact us if you have any difficulties with your payment. If a child wishes to leave the school a half term’s notice is required.


The wearing of jewellery is not permitted.


No nut products are to be consumed or brought into the premises.


The use of photography or any other type of recording equipment is strictly prohibited on the premises. Unless authorised by senior staff members and is for personal use only and never to be placed on social media i.e. facebook etc.


Parents are expected to treat everyone with respect including staff members. Automatic expulsion will be given if behaviour is deemed unacceptable.


It is your responsibility to make sure your child is never left unattended before or after her/his stated lesson time.


Missed lessons can be made up throughout the week by prior agreement of the teacher.


In the case of an emergency the school will contact emergency services first, then, the parent/guardian of the student(s) concerned by the telephone numbers on the original enrolment form.


The school must be informed immediately of any change of address, telephone numbers or medical conditions of a student in writing.


The school reserves the right to discontinue a class if too few children are attending.


We do not accept responsibility for theft, loss or damage to belongings left on the premises.


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