Our trip to the Royal Opera House is next Monday 18th December.

MEETING :- Please meet at the Avon St  Coach  Park by 7.45am 
The coach will be leaving promptly at 8.00am 
Please note that food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed on the bus with the exception of bottled water. We will make a brief 10 mins toilet stop during the journey on the motorway.
Going on previous years , we hope to arrive by 11.45am / 12.00pm which gives you time to have lunch and enjoy Covent Garden before the Ballet. 

FOOD :- it is entirely up to you whether you buy something to eat once you arrive or bring a packed lunch / tea with you , be aware that it will be busy and you will have to queue for most things which means you will probably not have time to have more than a sandwich/ snack.

BALLET :- The performance starts at 2.30pm you will be given your ticket in an envelope once we are on the bus and on our way. We are all sitting at the top so give yourself time to find your seat and get settled .

MONEY:- Please make sure if your child is not being accompanied by you that she has some money with her for refreshments in the theatre and a programme if she wants one and any other spending money you allow her to have. 

DEPARTURE :-  The coach will leave again prompt at 5.00pm so you are free to have more time in Covent Garden after the Ballet.
The driver has strict working hours and can not drive past a certain time so it is vital everyone is back on the coach in time . 

EMERGENCY:- I will put both mine and Miss Lesley’s mobile number on the envelope with your ticket so if there were any problems whilst we are in London you can contact us.
Again parents of unaccompanied children please make sure they have these numbers with them. 

Myself , Lesley and Miss Sherralyne will be with these children at all times.


We should arrive back in Bath at around 8pm.

LASTLY:- I do hope you all have a lovely day , it has always been a huge success in the past and a not too costly opportunity for young dancers to see a live performance with a world class company , which is a special treat.
See you bright and early on the 18th.

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