Set out below are the two types of Ballet examinations that we offer. Please be assured that this is purely you and your child's choice whether to partake in them.  A Royal Academy of Dance Examiner will visit the studios where the students will perform their syllabus work on a specified day and be assessed.


R.A.D. Ballet Graded Examinations.


These can be taken from Primary onwards. Candidates go into the exam, in a group of 4 max,wearing a number 1 - 4 to identify the individual. All of the required barre and centre exercises in the syllabus are performed including 2 solos. Your child will receive an individual score, Pass, Merit or Distinction with a certificate and a medal. To achieve the standard required to take a graded examination ideally, from grade 2 upwards, they should take two classes a week or at least take a second class during the term of the examination.

R.A.D. Ballet Class Awards


These are for any grades pre-primary to Grade 8. The children go into the room as a class ( up to 8 candidates ) and are numbered. The exercises from the syllabus, barre and centre. One dance is performed as a pair. They do not have to perform anything as a solo. The child will receive a certificate and a medal. These are ideal for the once-a-week child, late starter or a child who is not so confident. The exam is structured as a class with the teacher in the room which reassures the student and gives a more familiar feel to the award. There is no mark given.

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