Exam Procedure


Your child's teacher will decide when an examination is due. The length of time in a grade depends on whether your child is dancing once or twice a week and generally on the pace and dynamics of the class. An average of four, possibly five terms is usual for ballet grades 2-5 if dancing once a week only (See Grade study hours on this page).

You will be told if your child is ready for the examination in the previous or start of a new term and asked if your child can attend a second class. This obviously strengthens the technique and focuses the child.

Extra exam coaching classes are essential leading up to the exam and there will be a mock exam for some classes usually the week before. The mock exam familiarises the child with the room and it is a chance to use the space correctly ( use of space is marked as part of the graded examination ). There will be a fee to pay and you will find the form below. There is a closing date for the exam sessions so please make sure

you forward your form and payment in time. Please remember it is you and your child's choice whether to take part in the examination session. 



Each level of examination has a grade

requirement and will be examined as such.

All teachers will follow this syllabus and will follow the examination structure laid out by the Royal Academy of Dance or the ISTD.

There are a set number of movements that

need to be regulated to show the students

competence at that level before they can

move onto the next. This is to ensure that

there is standardisation throughout the

dance world. All information can be found

for ballet on the

Royal Academy of Dance website.

Ballet Grade Study Hours

The learning rate of individual students will

vary and the length of examination training for each student is at the discretion of the teacher.

It is recommended, however, that students studying for Vocational Graded

Examinations should take a minimum of

two syllabus classes a week at the lower

levels, increasing as the student progresses

towards the higher levels. Additional time,

particularly when growth spurts occur, can

only be beneficial in the long term.


Grades 1, 2 and 3

Guided Hours/ Lesson Time = 60

Practice Hours (Notional) = 10

Total Hours = 70


Grades 4 and 5

Guided Hours/ Lesson Time = 75

Practice Hours (Notional) = 20

Total Hours = 95


Grades 5, 6 and 7

Guided Hours/ Lesson Time = 90

Practice Hours (Notional) = 40

Total Hours = 130


Grade 8 and Intermediate Foundation

Guided Hours/ Lesson Time = 150

Practice Hours (Notional) = 125

Total Hours = 275

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