R.A.D. Ballet

Mini Ballet - Pre school age
Children are taught simple movements to a wide variety of music through imaginative sequences. We use various props such as ribbons and shakers which the children love.
Pre - Primary & Primary - Reception to Year 2
Students will be learning basic ballet movements following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. At the end of syllabus completion students are given the option to take a class award examination. It is you and your child's choice if you wish to take part.
The minimum age for an exam candidate is 5 years for Pre Primary and 6 years for Primary. The is no upper age limit.
Ballet Grades 1 - 5 - Year 2 to 6
Technique, strength, elegance and poise are all developed in structured classes continuing to follow the set Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. Character dance is introduced from Grade 1, so black low heel character shoes and school skirt will be required.
At the end of each syllabus completion students are given the option to take an examination. This will be either a class award or full grade examination dependant on teachers recomendations to the principal on the students progress. It is you and your child's choice if you wish to take part in the examination.
Higher Grades 6, 7 and 8 - 11 years upwards
The perfect timeline would be to have passed Grade 8 before leaving for University. This is only a rough guideline for someone dancing once or twice a week. Pointe work is introduced at this level for those who wish to try. This is not examined. Centre work is required for all three grades and will require a calf length chiffon skirt.
Vocational Grades-Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate and A.Foundation
These grades are for the serious student who wishes to dance more than twice a week or those who may wish to pursue dance as a career. The syllabus is in classical ballet only and pointe work is examined at all levels. You and your child will be asked by the principal if she/he wishes to start a vocational grade, as it is dependant strongly on ability and motivation.

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