Pantomime.... Arrival & Pick up times


Group A


They will be required for the tech rehearsal on Sun 17th Dec and for the dress rehearsal on Tues 19th Dec
Performances are :- Wed eve, Fri Mat and Sat Mat

Group B 

Will be required for the tech rehearsal on Sun 17th Dec
They will NOT be required for the dress rehearsal
Their performances are:- Thurs eve , Fri eve and Sat eve


Please see below for arrival and pick up times at the theatre for the dress rehearsal and then for the week of the Panto .
Please note , only group A are required for the dress rehearsal

You should have already had an email informing you of which group your child is in and which performances she is dancing in. 

Act one 
Woodland Ballet :-           Grade 1 Sat and Grade 4 Thurs 
Transformation Scene :- Senior Girls Ballet Mon / Wed

Act Two 
Ballroom :- Sat Modern grade 4 Girls
Finale :-      Senior Girls Wed jazz 

Dress Rehearsal on Tuesday and then , Wednesday, Thursday and Friday Eve performances  
Show starts at 7.30pm

Woodland                  Arrive at 6.30pm pick up at 8.00pm
Transformation         Arrive at 7.15pm  pick up at 8.45pm
Ballroom                    Arrive at 7.45pm  pick up at 9.15pm
Finale                         Arrive at 8.30pm  pick up at 9.45pm 

Friday Matinee Performance :- Starts at 2.30pm 

Woodland                 Arrive at 1.30pm  pick up at 3.00pm
Transformation.       Arrive at 2.15pm. Pick up at 3.45pm
Ballroom.                  Arrive at 2.45pm. pick up at 4.15pm
Finale.                       Arrive at  3.30pm pick up at  4.45pm

Saturday Matinee Performance :- Starts at 1.00pm 

Woodland                Arrive at 12.00pm  pick up at 1.30pm
Transformation       Arrive At 12.45pm  pick up at 2.15pm
Ballroom                  Arrive at 1.15pm     Pick up at 2.30pm
Finale                       Arrive at 2.00pm    Pick up at 3.30pm

Saturday Eve Performance :- Starts at 5.00pm

Woodland               Arrive at 4.00pm    pick up at 5.30pm
Transformation      Arrive at 4.45pm    Pick up at 6.15pm
Ballroom                 Arrive at 5.15pm     Pick up at 6.30pm
Finale                      Arrive at 6.00pm    Pick up at  7.30pm

Please note:-
Unless your child is involved in two dances , she will only be at the theatre for an hour and a half . Our changing area is away from the foyer so parents can drop off and pick up easily and not disturb the performance. If you wish to watch the Panto you should buy your tickets directly from the Unity Players.  If your child is in the first half only , you can buy a half price ticket for her to join you in the interval . Please note you will NOT be allowed to “sneak in” to watch your child’s dance, it disturbs the audience and causes discord with the Unity Players.
If you are watching the performance , your child can be safely looked after by us , just let us know if and when this is the case and make sure she has a snack / book to read or something to occupy her. 
Finally :-  I will send a last email with the technical rehearsal time (pm) and a , what to bring list / general info / costume hire charge  in the next couple of weeks .
Many thanks ,

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